At last – My iPod lives again

At the beginning of October my 11 month old u2 iPod developed the stomach churning Sad iPod icon – Nothing would make it live again so I shipped it back to Apple under warranty. About 10 days later I got back a replacement.

  1. Efficient repair service
  2. New iPod = very very shiny
  3. New iPod = very very dead

I took it out of the packing foam hit the button and Sad iPod< wailing and gnashing of teeth deleted> So that one got sent back to Apple. I got my replacement replacement last week. This time it worked. It’s still working. So far so good.

Of course by this time I’m out of original warranty. I have 82 days of replacement warranty left. If it goes pop after this I’ll cry.

I can justify replacing it – considering I spend most of my life with my ears plugged into it.

 I just dont want to make that swap from 4G to 5G if it means I lose firewire support. Longer battery life & a bit more storage = is the only upside I can see. I’m not bothered for watching videos on it and I don’t particularly want to walk around gazing at the screen to marvel at the album art so colour screens aren’t a bonus. Firewire on the other hand …

 I have two USB ports on my iBook and 1 firewire. iPod into the firewire everything else [ 60GB HD with all my music / microphone / mouse / graphics tablet ] goes into USB. Swapping to 5G means that I can have either my Music HD OR my iPod plugged in … hmm. I could buy a USB hub but frankly it’s kind of a rats nest of wires already. I have so many cables gadgets and gubbins that if I wouldn’t be able to find it anyway.

On a related note – 3 cheers for my 1st Gen 10GB iPod. It’s been languishing in a drawer for 11 months. Neglected…. In desperation I retrieved it fed it and voila!!! It worked. I shall treat the scratched little brick with more love and affection for helping retain my sanity during the ShinyPod warranty problems. I guess they dont make ’em like they used to anymore.

3 years old – dropped, scuffed, abandoned, signed in triplicate, lost,found, filed, misfiled, fed to bugblatter beast of trall…and its still in excellent working condition

Clutter on my desktop

I’m not the tidiest person in the whole world … 😛 
( The giant teetering heaps of everything everywhere are a big clue )
now I have something to let me mess up my desktop too!
I found a link to Clutter on apple’s web site while looking for something else. I can’t remember what the else was, I was so taken with this.
It’s a teeny little app that hooks into itunes & amazon or google to lookup album art.

Yes but you can also dump the album art directly onto your desktop
creating a virtual messy heap of CD’s that dont go skittering across the room every five minutes
and even better you can click on the CD cover to play a song from it.
I’ve missed the teetering heaps of CD’s. They’ve all been ripped to hard disk & stored securely
in big metal flightcases on top of the wardrobe. ( Apart from the new ones which have been ripped but which are still teetering ’cause we need more cases to keep them in)
It’s nice to look at the covers to find a song  which is the way i used to do it before i went MP3.
It’s even nicer to gloat ( Adam can’t use clutter – nothing doing for Windows XP – Awww 🙁

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