Tasting,tasting, 123

think that this is a post best described in pictures rather than words. This is mostly because the words were “mmmmmm” or “Mines a pint”. My friends should have been doing this a la viz. With beards and braces and talks about nose, and hops and all sorts of things. There was a brief moment of disquiet when they learned where isinglass comes from when visiting york Brewery, but, I digress.
Instead I just drew the expressions on my friends faces when they sampled the below beverages. Apart from the sheep, but those were due to Meeeeh noises.

** Kudos to EmmaThePixie for bravely working her way through the cider section single handed!

Motorbikes -1

Today we mourned the passing of the number 31 Honda CBR 929 fireblade in yellow and stickers ** Never crashed, only slide across the grass once – rider stayed attached.

[**: PornStar,Ohlins,TeamSatan, Number 31, every sticker to ever fall out of a bike magazine… in fact only stickers not on the bike are the ones you get from apples and bananas]

It has gone to a far far better place. i.e Adam sold his beloved trackbike, in order to make room in the garage for his worshipped and adored new trackbike to be. This one’s a 2008 CBR1000. Its black. Ooooo.

He’s dithering between Ghostrider, and Monster stickers, and it will probably end up some unholy combination of the two. Not in flames.. Well… not immediately.  A gravel trap is occasionally involved, but flames less often.

All this means is that he’s been embedded in the garage since november, peeling bits off the bike and chucking them in heaps. There are occasional desperate phonecalls to various specialists asking if *this part* is absolutely necessary and won’t cause self destruct to fire up when the key is turned.

Nemo !

I have a new nephew. Which makes 4 in total plus I still have the other 6 neices.

To Recap :

I have 2 sisters  A and B and one Brother A.Each sister has a partner. BIL A and B respectively. Brother A has a – partner too. I shall call her Brother A’s GF or   Z  for short.

Neices and Nephews are assigned their own letter in order of age, irrespective of Parent Letter. Neices A through F belong to sister A, nephews A and B belong to sister B, and Nephews C and now D belong to sister A.

There’s been the usual discussion of names. Sister A tending towards the lengthy sunday oh-now-you’re-in-trouble type. Newphew C voted for Nemo. While nephew D wasn’t called that in the end, I know it’s going to be his nickname for years.

And Yes, I did that thing again, where I lose my sanity and decide that Suuuuure I’ll look after the other 7 plus assorted livestock.

With minor issues… normal children being little oiks, and the livestock being a nuisance, I survived. And so did they. Wooo!

The toast has eyes …..

This damn thing follows me round the house.

It’s in the fridge , microwave, bathroom,lurking on the landing and on windowsills, in darkened corners. Waiting and looking at me with its beady little eyes.

Domo-Kun was Adams present from Wiggy for christmas.  I’m not sure it was intended as an instrument of evil, but  it’s currently being used to create a reign of terror!
I have no idea why I find it so disturbing but it is!

On an unrelated note, I have also gotten quite into the music of Jonathan coulton who has a Weird Al type vibe going on. I reccomend the following :

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