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pi pi pi pi pi ( raspberry )

why pockets are not good places to keep a cadburys creme egg. ARGH

In other words, for those who knew me as a young child in the run up to christmas …. I’m about to lie on the floor and wail “BUT I CAN’T WAIT”

Of course, it always turned out that yes, yes I could wait. And if i was daft enough to do the above in front of my mum, then I’d be waiting in my bedroom, not allowed out to play.

I registered my interest in a raspberry_pi many score years ago. In a galaxy far, far away. From whence I received the occasional taunting email which advised that RS Online didnt have any. But they would sooon.  Eventually, these emails said that RS Online DID have some. And I couldn’t order one yet.

Is that mean, or what?

Then, on 30th May, I got the “Well, now you CAN order one”. So I did. Probably within miliseconds of the email arriving, to be honest.

Dispatch within 6 Weeks.

They should have sent me an advent calendar with little windows I could open! thats still potentially another 10 days to go. TEN ! I CAN’t… er. nevermind.

It only particularly gripes as one of the chaps I work with has had his for a week. And he hasnt opened the box yet. That’s just plain unnatural, that is!

Anyway, the entire point of THIS, was that I’ve been wondering what the heck to encase it in.

  • LEGO CASE : Fairly awesome. Child B would build me one. Mine would have wheels and a siren.
  • PLASTIC PREFAB : Lots on ebay. See thru. teeny. Meh!
  • PAPER : susceptible to spilled milk. And not as robust as one would like.
  • WOOD :  Well, this is more like it. Maybe
Today a certain Zombie fixated person of my aquaintance and I were discussing the options. He became enamoured of encasing the thing, plus a USB hard drive, micro USB bluetooth and wifi dongles, and a tiny tiny USB hub all inside a book. This is good.
I am currently scribbling plans for the worlds tiniest computer tower. Complete with overlarge fan and glowing LED lights. ( to make it go faster )
I simply need to work out how to construct one.


goggles and cogs

I suspect this is brought on by having spent some considerable time reading Girl Genius, [ Online, PDF comics, and printed novels ] and a lifelong love of taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together again, but I am starting to drift steampunk-wards, with an affectation towards the mad-scientist part.

My suspicions were mostly confirmed at christmas, when I managed to, er, convince several members of my team at work that they should wear festive hats adorned with assorted minion labels. They even wore them when I wasn’t in the office. [ I do have photo’s, but it would be unfair to share them ] I’ve also been doing some sterling work on my maniacal/evil laugh, lusting after various gadgets and gizmo’s on both Warehouse 13 AND Sanctuary, and have been dusting off my corsets.

( Neice A is also showing leanings in this direction )

It was brought home to me today when I started looking for a new ipad dock, and instead of looking at the ones with sparkly lights and smooth brushed aluminium lines – I was browsing through brass and wood in interest, and looking at my box of obsolete technology ™ and wondering what could be re-purposed.

  • Hard Drive enclosure into old hardback books. No problem.
  • Convert one or more keyboards into a more… elegant style. Can Do !
  • Raspberry_Pi on backorder… bwahahahahahahahaha. Well, you know. So adaptable and so tiny. So to speak.
  • Big white imac. rubs chin pensively.
I also appear to have colleagues, locally, who are already into the whole re-enactment and steampunk type affair. It’s highly possible that I could tag along, perhaps, to the next outing, just to find out what is going on.
In the meantime I shall haunt ,




Bag of holding for my preciousssss, yes



Or more bluntly, I really want a happy owl red clutch bag for my iPad.( Not my Ipad 2. Because I don’t have one of those.)This has got pocketseses for putting things in, but I have a horrible feeling that it’s a smidgeon too small fir the chunky original. And awkward to get to the Uk. And out of stock. And that causes me woe and despair.




So After much searching, I’m looking at a Mini-Kinie from etsy.

I can still WANT a happy owl, tho, right?

I don’t plan to do this, but …

…it’s nice to know that all of my niggling little questions were answered by the thorough road-test performed by those sterling, serious chaps at the Top Gear offices.
I think I may not bother with the … um.. test in wet conditions. I don’t want to get my mats wet

This is the same model as mine, 1.6 titanium, with the titanium X-pack. (other than Toothless being a nice shade of Silver and not , in fact, metallic-bile-green)
This video may or may not have impcted my decision to buy. Just saying. 


I would like to advise, that for the record, I do not have an overt fondness for cartoons, animated films, or cgi graphics.
It is therefore completely a coincidence that awesome-shiny-not-a-stupis-little-car(tm) needed a better, shorter name, and Toothless happened to get drawn out of the hat.

The other choices, should anyone venture an interest, might have been:

  • Gru ( again, coincidental )
  • Sithling ( As if I’d put Jedi on the census . pfft )
  • Uncle Fester ( Lightbulbs in mouth, the fester/fiesta thing… and yet… )
  • Agnes -I direct you to Evidence item A Which ad describes this as awesome. Reminds me of emma the pixie and Sis B also

However, given the utter shininess of my shiny little aquisition, plus the fact that it mostly obeys my vocal whims, earning minion status, and that it had a Start button ( desired since Honda S2000 first seen at the bike show in 1999 ), Then Toothless is adequate.

RIP Stoopid Little Car(tm)

Adam finally nagged me into it, and we both agreed that we are sick of the sight of the Stoopid Little Car ™ which has been my trusty companion for eight and a half years.
Farewell to the PornStar Sticker, and farewell to the fact that I can never remember to put the alloy back on when i bust a wheel, so i trundle round with three shiny wheels and a steely for months on end.
Farewell to the grinding weird noise which i suffered for 2000 miles. Although to be fair it turned out that it was a) the bearings on both rear wheels and potentially could have caused wheel falling off ness and b) yes, I have had it fixed.
Farewell to the constant kicks in the back by anyone who’s in the back seat and hasnt enough legroom – like i care very much ( Not at all ).

We’ve have 8 years and 70 thousand miles together, many trips round scotland and places, packed to the rafters. and now its off to the glue factory [ dealership ] for this little beastie.
I havent told it yet, that I’m spending my time with details of the new model. That A week on friday i’ll be handing over the keys and taking away a shiny shiny Ford Fiesta Titanium in its place.
words cannot express the shininess and fun-ness of the new car.

I better hope I enjoy it, as I’ll be paying for it for a couple years. Sitting in it and making vroom noises owning to the cost of petrol.

Clio. 2002-2011. RIP.

This bandwagons real comfy!

Yes that means what you think it means. I pre-ordered my iPad, and got it a day early. I was reading news on it about the queues at the apple shops and was only a little bit smug. Honest.

First impressions? glee! Shiny!

I’m having load of fun with it, so yeah, there are a few accessories I’d like that are sold out at the moment. I can wait.
It does exactly what I thought it would do, and a few more things, plus, it’s shiny. Did I mention that?
FIt looks like I can finally retire my iBook, poor little ice year old beastie, with a wonky SuperDrive and a fan system that coughs up blood now and then. other than that, all is peachy.
I’m even, and this is important, considering handing over my ebook reader to a niece,who adores the books.
yep. I can read all my books in this thing, in a number of formats.

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