pi pi pi pi pi ( raspberry )

ARGH In other words, for those who knew me as a young child in the run up to christmas …. I’m about to lie on the floor and wail “BUT I CAN’T WAIT” Of course, it always turned out that yes, yes I could wait. And if i was daft enough to do the above in front of my mum, then I’d be waiting in my bedroom, not allowed out to play. I registered my interest in a raspberry_pi many score years ago. In a galaxy far, far away. From whence I received the occasional taunting email which advised that RS Online didnt have any. But they would sooon.  Eventually, these emails said that RS Online DID have some. And I couldn’t order one yet. Is that mean, or what? Then, on 30th May, I got the “Well, now you CAN order one”. So I did. Probably within miliseconds of the … Continue reading

goggles and cogs

I suspect this is brought on by having spent some considerable time reading Girl Genius, [ Online, PDF comics, and printed novels ] and a lifelong love of taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together again, but I am starting to drift steampunk-wards, with an affectation towards the mad-scientist part. My suspicions were mostly confirmed at christmas, when I managed to, er, convince several members of my team at work that they should wear festive hats adorned with assorted minion labels. They even wore them when I wasn’t in the office. [ I do have photo’s, but it would be unfair to share them ] I’ve also been doing some sterling work on my maniacal/evil laugh, lusting after various gadgets and gizmo’s on both Warehouse 13 AND Sanctuary, and have been dusting off my corsets. ( Neice A is also showing leanings in this direction ) It was … Continue reading

Bag of holding for my preciousssss, yes

Bag of holding for my preciousssss, yes

  Or more bluntly, I really want a happy owl red clutch bag for my iPad.( Not my Ipad 2. Because I don’t have one of those.)This has got pocketseses for putting things in, but I have a horrible feeling that it’s a smidgeon too small fir the chunky original. And awkward to get to the Uk. And out of stock. And that causes me woe and despair.       So After much searching, I’m looking at a Mini-Kinie from etsy. I can still WANT a happy owl, tho, right?