87 sleeps to xmas

Vodka Bears

And I still haven’t started making things yet. Some of the things I plan to make will take some time, especially if wool is involved. Last year I decided that rather than inflict Boots smellies on friends and family, who hadn’t made specific requests, that I would force them all to suffer through my home-made gifts. They were primarily alcohol and crochet related. Toffee Vodka   ( Werthers originals ) Cranberry Gin ( Craisins & fresh Cranberries ) Red Hots Vodka ( Experimental Cinnamon flavoured. Very Sticky ) Dressing up things for small people ( aprons, shopping bags, fluffy skirts ) Various Crocheted things. fingerless mittens. hats. mug copies Vodka Gummy Bears ( see pic to left ) Out of those things, the cranberry gin, toffee vodka, and Vodka Gummy bears were the most popular. I am now searching Pinterest with interest to determine whats popular this year, wondering where … Continue reading


Pile of books

In the interests of adding to my notebook hoard, today I attended “An introduction to bookbinding” at leeds college of art with Nephew A( after much dropping of hints ), and spent several hours learning the basics of making hardbacks and paperback books, different types of folding and stitching paper together. It was a class of 9 with students having varying levels of experience ( me = none ) ( one chap who’d been in professional trade for a long time). I took the pictures when I got home, because there was glue EVERYWHERE, and I was way too busy to stop and take progress photo’s although I would have liked to. All fingers still present and correct, despite the fact that there were sharp knives! Nephew B is also planning an etsy business. I’m not sure on the details, but I think I get to be his financial backer, and he … Continue reading