’tis the day before the day before Xmas

And I’m in the Plaster room at Jimmy’s

Nephew *B* has just peeled his Fibre glass cast off.

Wow ! you think. it lasted 3 weeks?

Erm. No.
This is the *replacement* cast that he peeled off. The Plaster one only lasted a week.
The blue one is ten days old. I got to pin him down. The blue fibre glass has *JUST* come off my skin and there was concentrated bribery with white maltesers before he’d talk to me again after that one.

So … Ten days later here we are. in the plaster room again. With the same nurse on duty. Heh.

We dont have to use the Buzz saw this time which was the major sticking point last time. Even if bob the builder has one nephew B doesn’t care.

Because its Christmas Nephew B is the proud owner of a Green Cast covered in Santa’s & snowmen. [ it was a joke. The Other nurse took me seriously ] One of the rooms other occupants was jealous. Seeing as he was a 30 year old bloke he had to make do with plain old blue.

Because Nephew B was squirmy and awkward he got to sit on Mummy’s knee and aunty frogjuice got to be the evil one again and don latex glubs and hold his arm forcibly straight for the casting.

More white maltesers later …

This cast seems to amuse him. Its a lot heavier so it tires him out faster.
Also he can smack his brother with it.

Its only got to last 14 days….