Room with a glow

When the house was built 4 years ago, I obtained my hearts desire : A room of my own that i could fill wall to wall with books.
And I got one.
Okay, so it was the smallest room in the house – literally.

It was the 0.5 of a bedroom that is targetted towards the least whingy child in a family home. It had four tall bookcases in it, all double stacked, things balanced precariously on top on them ( sewing machine, toolbox, junk)
It had a little desk and chair and enormous beanbag and the filing cabinet and my lava lamp too. No actual floorspace.

So. My options were :

A) replan and replace the bookcases and desk and chair. reshuffle to make things a bit better laid out ( can I hang the desk from the ceiling I wonder… )

B) knock the wall down between middle sized room ( adams computer room) and the poky room, making one mega bedroom to contain both adams pc and a guest bed, and relocate all my books and stuff downstairs into one of the orange rooms.


Its not like its a load bearing wall, right?

After several months deliberation, I went with the destruction option, measured the downstairs RoomOfOrange ™ and then spent weeks working out how many bookcases would fit n the available space.

I decided on many Expedits from IKEA.

With the aid of @ConstructoGoth (Neice A), who was armed with power tools, I now have a wall of cubes

It turns out that I can stack paperbacks 3 deep in each cube. Otherwise they won’t all fit.

Nephew B was recruited to help me carry all the books downstairs, but they were piled in willy-nilly.

I forsee many many hours with DeliciousLibrary in sorting them out… (brrr Voldemort )