Sony is my god now….

You might think thats a little extreme for a self confessed atheist, but really. C’mon, I’ve been wanting a dedicated ebook reader peice of hardware for absolutely AGES. and Sony’s was released properly in the UK today.

* GLEE *

I’ve been looking for one for ages. Ok, I have my laptop, and pda’s and mobiles and stuff, but they arent really practical. I’ve looked at quite a few. I’d have probably liked the Kindle if amazon had ever bothered to bring it out over here. But they didnt. And while I’d adore an Iliad, my budget wouldnt. SO. Sony Reader PRS 505S it is.

Its both cute, and lightweight, and will save my poor aching arms trying to hold up a Stephen Donaldson tome that nearly killed me on the flight back from India. I like to read when I’m away or in transit. I have a fairly formidable collection of ebooks gathered during the period that my books were boxed away and i couldnt, really couldnt, but any more as i had nowhere to put them. I dont intend to stop buying the RealBooks(tm) but this is going to save my luggage allowance so I can carry more other things. Socks. Toothbrush. Its hard to decide between necessities.

So, I just have to convert my 2gig of ebooks into a standard non proprietry format [ PDF or RTF, should be easy  ]  I probably wont get any use out of the Sony Reader Store cause they just dont work on Mac’s. the reader will jsut be a USB drive on my iMac. Awww, shame 😛

I’m not too bothered by that, as I’ve always found Sony Hardware to be really sturdy, and let down by lamentable software – written by the roomful of monekys too dumb to come up with shakespeare.

I collect it from the Sony Store tomorrow. Depending how it goes, this may be the last you see of me for some time 😀

One thought on “Sony is my god now….

  1. ok so she was not kidding!!!! the thing arrived and with the expected glee and jumping around in delight our dys got her e-book. now even i have to admit its flippin awesome1!!!! serioulsy wooooooow and it has not been more than ooo 1 foot away form her at any given moment since the day it was born. i say born as you would think it was her child, the way she pats it and hugs it and feeds it with more and more books.. yes it is her child… anyhooo just wanted to say it rocks and woooohoooo

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