pom pom pom pom pom pom pom!!!

I have been crocheting ! Because I can’t knit. At all. It’s official. Extensive testing has revealed that I suffer from Dysplektia – This is a compound greek word meaning ” the inability to knit ” – well… technically it covers all forms of yarn work including crochet & weaving but why spoil it?

** new word alert. I did actually spend some time researching this. I looked for the official definition. Couldn’t find one. So I erm made one up. This is perfectly normal, saves a lot of time when you’re trying to remember what the real word is and don’t want to look like a total idiot and ALSO assists in scrabble games if you can be sufficiently convincing. See also *marrowfarads [ capacitance of squash vegetables ] *windowjuice [properly labelled ‘air’ but I forgot what the word was at the time. ‘let in the windowjuice’ or ‘ there’s too much windowjuice’ ] * fish [ This word refers to the Sky+ remote. for some reason. I think I may be a little aphasic ] — what’s different about dysplektia is that I spent time attempting to define the correct combination of words including some cross-eyed research using a greek alphabet dictionary. It may be a little ungrammatical and possibly not entirely correct but I believe that it fills a much needed niche and am expecting it to make the list for new words to be included in the 2007 OED.

Anyway , Crochet. Yep. Hats to be exact. Several months ago Ste expressed a wish for a hat with an enormous pom-pom on it. He’d tried on several ridiculous snowboarding hats but had been unable to find one which was quite silly enough. There were a few additional stipulations.

Being the LUFC fan that he is the hat had to be white yellow and blue. The pom-pom had to approach the size of his own head and he’d like it for the trip to arabba [ jan 14th 2006 ]

It took a while to get round to starting it. Tracking down yellow wool that wasnt in a pastel shade was the hardest part. Apart from the actual knitting. Best not mentioned really. Some of my attempts had sleeves. After several weeks of dysplektic attempts I found a crochet hook,typed crochet beanie pattern into google, and had a quick squizz through a couple pages of items suitable for toddlers and finally I found this page for a manly beanie Et voila !!! six hours later – several of which were spent in trying to wrest the crochet away from Sister B – she likes crochet and forgets to stop. Apparently a hat for nephew A could be used for a pram blanket because she forgot to start decreasing. The pom-pom itself took 3 balls of wool and several interrupted days of winding to produce a floofy ball bigger than my head. but i did it!!!