[ insert relevant and vaguely funny title ]

Lets see checking calendar… It kept me distracted for uh… 3 weeks. Sony Reader FTW.

Initial impressions ?

*** GLEE ***

Wait, I already said that before, right?

I’m not sure I get these RealBook ™ Snobs , who think that words are less relevant or real because they aren’t on paper. Still, I don’t have to worry about them, as they couldn’t possibly sully their eyeballs by subjecting them to these here electrons. 😛

I went straight from the Sony shop to Borders, where i proceeded to loaf in the coffee shop, playing with my new toy, and deciding which of the heap of books I’d amassed I was going to buy. I only bought 5, so not bad for me.

It hasnt stopped me reading, or buying new RealBooks. It never will. It does make my journey to work less painful on the shoulders, and my desk would be neater, if there wasn’t a really good second hand bookshop 100 yards from where i work. It’s massively convienient though. Thanks to Calibre I have about 1600 of my favourite titles about my person at all times. (Slightly less than I have in deadtree )

Downsides …

  • I have OSX. I can’t use the sonyreader store to buy “new” titles. Boo!
  • The standard brown cover ? Icksville
  • er …. the black cover with the backlight bit? Out of Stock.


  • Shiny
  • Lightweight
  • Cute
  • Easy to read – where you would normally be able to read RealBook
  • Convenient
  • Shiny

Still learning about, and playing with, but dont see me getting tired of this. I’m going to have to buy a new handbag designed for technological gubbins. Perhaps with one of them solar charger devices built in, so that my phone, ipod and reader can be fed without having to leave them behind…