I discover that I cannot walk the tightrope.

I have a Wii and managed to find a Wii fit, on the general principle that combining exercise and computer games is not a bad thing.

My balance being what it isn’t, I am trying to improve it. According to Nintendo, my balance, on two feet, is pretty damn good. Lift one foot off the floor in any situation, and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s like my brain is going  * TILT* *TILT*

So, some of the yoga poses are fine. Others less so. Oh, it SAYS that it’s fine to hang on to someone, or something till you get the hang of it, but find me one sober person who is happy to make an idiot of themselves in company, and they can do the tree pose instead of me.

I’ve discovered, so far, that I’m addicted to the Wibble board where you have to drop marbles through holes without losing them, against the clock. Only the marbles are people, and the boards are different shapes and… well… It keeps me amused anyway.

I’m not to bad at the penguin tilting game. Football heading gets me hit in the face with shoes and panda heads approx 73% of the time. I’ve worked through the Step classes and discovered that I will probably never ever win at DDR. “tips to improve – work on your sense of rythm” Ooooo, I havent got one to speak of.

Still, lets see if i keep it up.

Unlike me on the  tightrope, where lifting either foot sends me plummeting to my untimely doom to the cheers of the wiimii gallery on the far side. Gits.