“Now I am become Sam. Enabler of Geeks”

And don’t think I didnt ponder using the real version of that quote for a long long time.

Ok, so it was only one Geek. But she is my sister.

Just before bonfire night I received a panicked sunday afternoon phone call. Things being what they are I headed over, sharpish, to see what was the matter.

What the matter was, was that she had taken on the task of putting together the compenents of a PC that was handed to her – apparently in a carrier bag – in a jigsaw like state. It had been taken apart for ” cleaning ”

Reconstruction was almost complete when I arrived. There was just the usual “ok, so did he give me all the bits” sanity check, and the “this WILL FIT” jemmying to do.

I was there mostly to provide immoral support and make sucky-whistling-teeth noises.

When she powered back up – voila. It worked. She then tracked down and fixed a rickety fan blade or two. then disaster. It wouldnt POST. I offered to take a look for her, but she thought she’d sleep on it to have a think.

When I checked back the next morning she had already identified that the “dismantler” had been a little too enthusiastic, and had reconnected the cunningly disconnected leads inside the PSU.

I was so proud.

Especially considering that she was still using the tools from her own PC deconstruction routine

  • weeny screwdriver for dismantling glasses
  • overlarge screwcriver for dismantling diesel engines
  • lump hammer
  • blunt instruments
  • eyebrow tweezers

In the interests of encouragement, she is now armed with a proper PC tool kit with appropriate sized tools in it, and ( given that I was getting an up to date one ) a copy of Upgrading and Repairing PC’s

She’s started reading it.

Anyone else feel the hairs standing up on the back of their necks?



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