I’m running out of letters !!!

My Cunning plan to let my siblings and other family members retain their anonymity is going to run into problems soon. Or confusion. See I’m working on this method … Eldest sister is Sister A Younger sister is Sister B, and Brother is Brother A. Brother in Law’s are the same letter as the respective sister … ( Brother A is unmarried. Apart from to his PC so we’ll worry about that when we come to it ) Next Generation. Alphabetically in order of age regardless of parents letter. Neices A B C D & NOW E & Nephew C belong to Sister A, Nephews A & B Belong to Sister B. See relatively simple. Its just the exponential increase in Neices from the A Side thats causing confusion. I’ll link a Gif with the family tree on before long…. I’m not going to release real names of course but one of those actually bandied around for Neice er E had quite a nice ring to it. Fenella Talulah McKenzie… Except I’d call the poor girl Fallulah Tenella McVitie or something…. best stick with E its ever so much easier.!!!!