today I will be mostly

… doing book related things without getting suckered into reading them again.
I had plans to scan the remaining Cubes from my wall of cubes(tm) into delicious library, and from thence import the csv file into Goodreads so that I can organise thingummies online.
However, that gets mildly scuppered as i keep reading the blighters and not scanning them. Also, if Nephew B hears of scanning occurring without his assistance, there may be consequences. Or Sulking. Perhaps both.

I have therefore developed a cunning plan, which is to sort and backup my ebook library and not the dead-tree(tm) collection.

Currently I am reading in epub ( ipad ) and mobi ( kindle. on my ipad ) format. I’ve always tried to buy DRM free stuff to prevent the unable to read when device is changed over, versions. I also have PDF comic books for my girl genius addiction.( Its the Jagermonsters and not the steampunkness. Honest )

Therefore, I need to make sure that

a) I have backup copies of everything I have purchased

b) That I have said backup copies in appropriate formats – preferably non DRM’d

c) That I file things carefully under Author

Plan b is to Summon the child and make him scan books for me while i read.