goggles and cogs

I suspect this is brought on by having spent some considerable time reading Girl Genius, [ Online, PDF comics, and printed novels ] and a lifelong love of taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together again, but I am starting to drift steampunk-wards, with an affectation towards the mad-scientist part.

My suspicions were mostly confirmed at christmas, when I managed to, er, convince several members of my team at work that they should wear festive hats adorned with assorted minion labels. They even wore them when I wasn’t in the office. [ I do have photo’s, but it would be unfair to share them ] I’ve also been doing some sterling work on my maniacal/evil laugh, lusting after various gadgets and gizmo’s on both Warehouse 13 AND Sanctuary, and have been dusting off my corsets.

( Neice A is also showing leanings in this direction )

It was brought home to me today when I started looking for a new ipad dock, and instead of looking at the ones with sparkly lights and smooth brushed aluminium lines – I was browsing through brass and wood in interest, and looking at my box of obsolete technology ™ and wondering what could be re-purposed.

  • Hard Drive enclosure into old hardback books. No problem.
  • Convert one or more keyboards into a more… elegant style. Can Do !
  • Raspberry_Pi on backorder… bwahahahahahahahaha. Well, you know. So adaptable and so tiny. So to speak.
  • Big white imac. rubs chin pensively.
I also appear to have colleagues, locally, who are already into the whole re-enactment and steampunk type affair. It’s highly possible that I could tag along, perhaps, to the next outing, just to find out what is going on.
In the meantime I shall haunt www.brassgoggles.co.uk ,