Friday’s child is full of woe

“Of course if you don’t make your own Seratonin, store bought is fine”

It’s been a bit of a year, 2018.

I picked up a couple new hobbies ( bookbinding, reverse KonMari ), gave myself a severe undercut ( shaved the right side of my head ) and thoroughly delved into the joys of perimenopause. ( have saved a fortune on jumpers and heating bills ).

I’m still playing Pokemon Go, much to the disgust of Nephew B. Upgraded my phone. Made a number of tiny books for godchildren’s elves on shelves in order to traumatise them and keep the horror of Christmas going another year. Subjected friends to gin soaked gummy bears.

Managed to get the serotonin levels about right to prevent the night sweats and reduce the number of days spent staring st the walls.

Read more than 100 books and managed to miss logging 2/3 of them on goodreads.

Completely failed to blog about any of it.