Hi ho hi ho

I have achieved GOLD.

Or at least Gold status with the Starbucks rewards app.

During lockdown.

In the before times I hadn’t achieved this for a couple years, despite working in the city centre, surrounded my stores and having a caffeine habit. I got my coffee fix, but it was usually at a cosy independent, whiling away my lunch hour with a book and great view. Or I’d haul the nephews out for an evening with writing stuff, play cards against humanity, and test out new drink combinations.

The independents are all closed and I have been working from home for a year. It’s comfy pants and cold brew tea here. 

About once a week, however, when I have to leave the house for essential socially distant reasons, I’ll round up the nephew(s) ( they’re in my bubble/pod ) and loop through the local Starbucks drive thru twice. The first time we grab drinks, park up and enjoy the not-in-the-houseness, despite trying not to make eye contact with the cars at the side doing the same thing. When everything’s empty, we loop through again, and load up fir the trip home.

Order at the speaker, pay with the app, collect at arms length from the window. A tiny slice of socially distanced almost but not quite normal.

I want to go back to actually normal, real mugs on tables, chatting to baristas, armchair and book and cosy nook in the corner. At this point I don’t know if the independents will come out of the other side of this.

Wear your fucking masks, people.

Left hand holding full iced latte in clear plastic Starbucks cup. Behind cup is dashboard of car and windscreen

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