‘Twas brillig and…

Slithy toves have much to answer for.

Jabberwocky was the poem that made me appreciate that words are just noises that we all agree means a specific thing. Except that different groups of people agree that the same word means different things. I’m nowhere more reminded of this than conversations with Nephew B.

Nephews A & B have very different vocabularies.

Nephew A speaks geek / nerd and keeps sending me links to steampunk space pirate acapella songs. I rarely need a translation, and I get the references / jokes.

Nephew B… I had to ask him translate his more common phrases into a prompt card flip book ( bulk purchase! ) so that I occasionally have a clue, because we both use the same words, but not with the same meaning. I am not down with the youth.

I occasionally drift into making up my own words, especially when the migraine driven aphasia causes me to forget nouns, but folks usually don’t have to dig into Urban Dictionary to translate.

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