Pea Sandwiches

A pea-culiarly specific family favourite is a fresh pea sandwich.

FOR this recipe you will need…

Bag of pea pods
Bag of pea pods
  • 2 bags fresh peas
  • 1 cereal bowl
  • 1 flat plate
  • butter or healthy spread
  • 2 chunky slices of bread, your choice

First butter both slices of bread. Put to one side.

Pod both bags of peas. Any that you don’t eat immediately go into the bowl. You should try not to eat about half a bowl of peas. Two for me, one for bowl works nicely.

Once all peas are podded, round up the pods and compost or bin them.

Next, take the peas and pour half onto the flat plate. Take one slice of bread, and press, butter side down onto the peas. Press firmly. Turn slice over and fill in any gaps. Top up the plate with remaining peas and repeat with second slice. Sandwich both pea filled slices together to form a sandwich. Cut in half.

All unused peas from plate or bowl should be shovelled into face hole.


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