Regular Updates

so my resolution to update regularly has been stretched a little lately. Must try harder.

Well whats been happening lately?

My Stoopid Little Car(tm) needed some work doing – Service, Mot, TAX. the same weekend.


Tyres brake disks wipers er rear coil spring [ the Tardis incident, I suspect]…. not that bad. I s’pose.
Its definately a lot less grindy to drive but ouch its hard on the pocket all at once.

Other than that? constructively loafing (i.e playing WOW)

Last weekend was good. Adam went to Milan and I had his computer to play on. Not that I dont love my ibook but …. 512MB memory / 1.1gHz power pc / 64MB embedded graphics versus 2gig Memory 4.2GHZ 64bit AMD & 512Meg Graphics…
sigh. the only downside is his mouse is right handed and a bit awkward to use. thats obviously why I kept dying.