Vampire phlebotomists

Today I resumed donating spare-blood. Just the stuff I wasn’t using immediately for nose bleeds and general circulatory purposes.

I got biscuits from the outing, and filled in a lot of forms .More than they used to. Pinprick finger tests. Quick run through medication, and a history of all the tattoos that I don’t have, and then they were leading me to a donation chair

The chairs are pretty fancy, and comfier than the ones they used to haveyonks ago. HOWEVER they are absolutely not designed for those of us who are. . . Well let’s just go with stubby. Some of us took several minutes to climb into the chair.

I’m not entirely convinced that it didn’t take me longer to get into the bloody chair than it did to donate the pint.

Five minutes and fourteen , because I am a nice fast bleeder.

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