Awww, Do i haveta?

Well thanks to the creeping WOW infection across my family I’m going to have to spend some time revamping this page. I ended up looking for a webhost for Sister B’s WOW guild… her requirements were few ..I want … er … an email account with my guild name in it. and everyone should be able to have one. and somewhere to put silly screencaps. and where we can spend even more time online talking to each other. and… er…. stuff.

So we have a place. And i did some basic tweaking and.. well its just as well that one of our very kind and talented members volunteered to assist. He’s waaaaaay more strict a coder than I am. I tend to be of the poke it and see what it does variety. All Hail Platehoof without whom Sister b’s webpage would be an entirely more disorganised affair indeed.

Sadly it has nagged me to take a good hard look at my own setup and do some work on it. Watch this space for tweaking in the future.