this week I shall mostly be tidying the house

Ok, that title was mostly for adam’s benefit… When i say ” Tidy the house” I actually mean 

  • Make sure that i have tagged all my books using delicious library 
  • Bake cookies,
  • Send care package to deadguy 
  • Finish watching prince caspian on dvd
  • Get Caught up with the House episodes on the skybox

After [ Between] that, I’ll be

  • spellchecking and converting a vast pile of books to LRF or neatly formatted RTF for my sony reader.
  • finishing up the tagging on my MP3’s
  • debating an audible subscription depending on the books they have at the moment.

Also I plan to play on the wibble board on my Wii.
My weeble skills need improvement.

Anyway, this is what happens when i leave adam alone in the house
They cry

I did plan on a resolution to post every week this year. so I owe 4 posts already. hmm

the thing is that my blogs are random weeblings, dependant solely on the fuzziness of my brain at any given moment. There’s no given guarentee that it will result in wordy output on a regular basis.

I do however, resolve to update the quotes over to the right there with one new quote per week.

I Have – and will be – linking to the contents of my deadtree collection. Or at least the parts of it within arms reach. Delicious Library and an iMac with built in camera for auto-amazon lookup. It also does my moosic and shiny thing collection. I’ll post links when i get them. So that anyone who feels kind can buy me shinies 😛