I do not like thee, meester tooth

I am now down to 50% of one wisdom tooth, which indicates prior removal of the other 87.5% of available capacity . This does not bode well for long term memory storage !! I am probably becoming more stupider. I doubt anyone will notice.

After a few months of on and off to the dentists with excruciating agonies – it got to the point where I couldn’t remember what it was like NOT to have a vicious toothache. Two referrals to the dental hospital and some pleading with the kind NHS folks over the phone, who were still fairly insistent that I wait for an appointment to see someone about the possibility of thinking about maybe removing one or two of my impacted retained wisdom teeth.

My very nice dentist lady harrassed them on my behalf. and giving in to pity, referred me to one of her colleages. I weighed up the pro’s and cons, and decided that a months frivolous budget was worth it.

It was noisy, uncomfortable, and the whole “drilling bone” and “chisels to the jaw” scenario doesnt make for a pleasant afternoon, but other than some swelling and bruising ( hamsterlike ) the most pain i’ve been in is some mild discomfort.

I can sleep at night without the throbbing pain in my jaw, ear, and skull.

I do appear to have some temporary bruising to the nerve in my jaw, which is slowly fading. I was warned, and I figured the risk was worth it. doesn’t affect movement, it just means i bite my lip and cant feel it. although thats getting better. I’ve got hot and cold and general tickliness back.

The day I had my tooth out, I got an appointment at the hospital. What are the chances of that? I went along, as I still have one half of one tooth left to be removed, and given that its all under the gum, its not going to be an easy extraction.

The nice surgeon at the hospital x-rayed my head. Again.

I’ll get an appointment in 6-8 weeks. Knockout this time.