SkoggKat installation 95% complete

Grumblor has arrived.

Grumblor is the norwegian forest cat who adopted adam when we lived with his parents. His actual official name is dusty, or some such, but he answers to Grumblor. He is an exceedingly surly feline, with no social graces whatsoever.

Adam’s parents got him four years ago, with a passel of other felines. He is large, by virtue of his breed, and rather lazy. you would expect a forest cat to be an adept climber? He’s scared of heights, and tumbles off anything larger than a doorstep.

He has been spending his days lurking around adam’s truck at work, or headbutting him when he gets back to the office.

So on friday, we catnapped him. He hopped in adam’s truck, and adam brought him home.

He has located four lurking places and dots between them.

  • Front room window overlooking the balcony.
  • Corner of our bedroom behind the washing basket.
  • On any table, looking at adam
  • On adam. Preferably so that adam has a mouthful of fur

Grumblor and adam[ Fig 1 above]

Also, good news ! It turns out that when we ordered pet-compatible alarm sensors, they installed em that way. Or i slept through the burglar alarm going off last night.

We haven’t worked out yet, if Grumblor is going to be a weekend visitor, and head back to work on a monday. Let’s see how it goes.