it liiiiiiiiives

I guess some people make a concentrated effort to :

  • Update regularly
  • label and title their posts
  • have a theme or purpose behind their blogs

I am NOT one of them …

Lately … well, as I told myself I would, I’ve shopped round for a theme to play with.

I was running with a modifed version of Mike Little’s Journalized Winter a 3 column theme, with lots of room and no annoying graphics. a few colour related tweaks. a slight re-arrangement of the sidebars. It got blue / grey and dull after a while.

While pootling around investigating a new theme for Sister B, I came across a few I liked.

Hers’ ( now that she’s gone off pink ) is BASED on the layout of Hakan Aydin’s 3c-black-letterhead theme ( which is a modified version of other versions of things)

She’s gone off pink and onto purple.

Er yes. So thirty minutes with a HTML colour chart and my tongue stuck out, sorted that.

Still not purple enough? Easy peasy, set a tiled background as a cute little purple tiley thing I found on a MySpace .. I’ll link when my eyes dont glaze over looking for it again.

So Sister “cadbury” B is sorted.

While Looking at Hakan Aydin’s site, I thought … oooo, i like that layout and theme. If only it had 3 columns. The clever chap only has another pet WordPress theme. The uber neat and lovely 3K2

Its all widget’y and everything. And like the K2 themes in general you can style it further by adding your own stylesheets to it.

Now, I liked the general colours going on on Hakan’s site, so i looked up his theme, which is on Dan Cameron’s sca4ered.2 theme for K2

Well, it turns out that 3K2 runs sca4ered.2 with no problems 🙂

I like the orange bloob at the top. which… looks like some sort of freaky goldfish. I might change the header logo.

About all I’ve done is tweak the main body text colour away from brown. ** You’ll need to do this in the MAIN style.css for 3K2 and not the sca4ered.2 stylesheet.

Have I babbled enough yet?

Yeah … that’ll do for now

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3 Responses

  1. Sister B says:

    Er lol but i kinda think its toooopurple now hehhe can we lose the purple tiles and perhaps change the font colour slightly

    yeah i know im a pain in the arse

    no wait i am gonnna work this out

    heheh you may need to save my website ltr

  2. Frogjuice says:

    Less … purple ….

    … LESS purple …

    right, right, not a problem …


  3. Sister B says:

    mmm you said regular updates and wait i am sill lookin for them heheeh get crackin