This bandwagons real comfy!

Yes that means what you think it means. I pre-ordered my iPad, and got it a day early. I was reading news on it about the queues at the apple shops and was only a little bit smug. Honest.

First impressions? glee! Shiny!

I’m having load of fun with it, so yeah, there are a few accessories I’d like that are sold out at the moment. I can wait.
It does exactly what I thought it would do, and a few more things, plus, it’s shiny. Did I mention that?
FIt looks like I can finally retire my iBook, poor little ice year old beastie, with a wonky SuperDrive and a fan system that coughs up blood now and then. other than that, all is peachy.
I’m even, and this is important, considering handing over my ebook reader to a niece,who adores the books.
yep. I can read all my books in this thing, in a number of formats.

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