Totally awesome software for my iMac, or what?

I found this when we moved into the house, and I got my library installed. I thought “Uhm, I hope I never have to list all of these books. Or replace them. Or try and remember which ones I have and which ones I dont.”

I came cross Delicious Library 2. which performs the unutterably wonderful function of letting me wave the ISBN barcode at the camera on my iMAC, and have my ‘puter cross check with amazon and input all the info for me. It even manages to do creepy voices when you scan anything by JKR. Bwahahahaha.

It’ll suck in my itunes and log all my CD’s, I can wave books games, videos and trinkets at it. Eventually, Once I’m done, It’ll output to XML and let my link my liberry on this site too.

Of course this requires weeks and weeks and weeks of scanning. Pretty much like the time we decided to MP3 all of our CD’s.

But… Watch this space if you absolutely want to know which books I have.