Oooo, dusty in here, isnt it?

Sooooo, long time no see…. great to see you all. Mind the dust bunnies, they had someones leg off last week and I hate cleaning blood outta the upholstery.

What am I doing? Well, adam and me are kinda sorta halfway through maybe buying a house. At last… my dreams of my own library..mwahahaha… sofa sized bean bags… unpacking my stellar pans that i got for a 25th birthday present…

My own dustbunnies… sniff.

Well…. it depends on the mortgage company getting things sorted and hoping we can exchange contracts soon… or else smiling nicely at the developers…. give em a round of biiiiig eyes and hope they’ll be nice. Trying to sort things out over Xmas isnt a huuuuuuge pile of fun.

Still… all seems to be going well 😀

if it does… then sometime summer/autumn 2007 we get the keys to a shiny new house with magnolia walls and no carpets. Woooooo.

*fingers crossed*

er… well… we’re looking at A hanbury on St Gregory’s



er…. ok. so its not a gadget. or a shiny thing. and its likely that my next shiny thing is more likely to be a cool garlic press than anything else….

but still..