I would like to advise, that for the record, I do not have an overt fondness for cartoons, animated films, or cgi graphics.
It is therefore completely a coincidence that awesome-shiny-not-a-stupis-little-car(tm) needed a better, shorter name, and Toothless happened to get drawn out of the hat.

The other choices, should anyone venture an interest, might have been:

  • Gru ( again, coincidental )
  • Sithling ( As if I’d put Jedi on the census . pfft )
  • Uncle Fester ( Lightbulbs in mouth, the fester/fiesta thing… and yet… )
  • Agnes -I direct you to Evidence item A Which ad describes this as awesome. Reminds me of emma the pixie and Sis B also

However, given the utter shininess of my shiny little aquisition, plus the fact that it mostly obeys my vocal whims, earning minion status, and that it had a Start button ( desired since Honda S2000 first seen at the bike show in 1999 ), Then Toothless is adequate.