Clutter on my desktop

I’m not the tidiest person in the whole world … 😛 
( The giant teetering heaps of everything everywhere are a big clue )
now I have something to let me mess up my desktop too!
I found a link to Clutter on apple’s web site while looking for something else. I can’t remember what the else was, I was so taken with this.
It’s a teeny little app that hooks into itunes & amazon or google to lookup album art.

Yes but you can also dump the album art directly onto your desktop
creating a virtual messy heap of CD’s that dont go skittering across the room every five minutes
and even better you can click on the CD cover to play a song from it.
I’ve missed the teetering heaps of CD’s. They’ve all been ripped to hard disk & stored securely
in big metal flightcases on top of the wardrobe. ( Apart from the new ones which have been ripped but which are still teetering ’cause we need more cases to keep them in)
It’s nice to look at the covers to find a song  which is the way i used to do it before i went MP3.
It’s even nicer to gloat ( Adam can’t use clutter – nothing doing for Windows XP – Awww 🙁