Chapter V – I have lost hope …

That is to Say … WOO holidays again. For those lacking the reference to the title of my post… please see A) chapter IV – a New hope And B) Notes from Arabba 2006 .

If that does not adequately explain my impending peril… nothing will.

Soooo. Canada this year. with hillier hills, snowier snow & icier climes. I MUST check my thermals are up to scratch. I am packing 3 wooly hats.
A fortnight this time. First week in BANFF, 2nd in JASPER. I hear its jolly chilly.
No Fat toni’s although the reviews at TaxiMike Have assured me that any number of animals will be available for eating. That should re-assure adam.

Y’know… this year theres been a LOT less preliminary practise at Xscape. Mwahahahah… sorry was that an evil cackle?

Jan 17th is our departure date. thats a lot of preliminary ironing.

also i have to measure all my laptop bags to ensure my baby can travel safely.