audio for ‘ the stoopid little car ™

Well the tunes in my car are getting old now, so its time to relegate them to ice scrapers and burn some new ones. but what to pick [ Huzzah for my CD MP3 player ] to keep the stupid little car ™ amused…

Current picks as follows. 151.4mb down … 540mb to go …. this might take a while.

Selected in Playlist: february in the stupid little car(tm) 34 songs, 2:04:46total time, 151.4 MB
Title Artist Album Time
D’ya Wanna Go Faster? (edit) Terrorvision Whales And Dolphins (The Best Of Terrorvision) [UK] 2:43
By the Way Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way 3:37
One Last Sunset Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage 3:57
Faint Linkin Park Meteora 2:42
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz Demon Days 3:41
10 Seconds Down Sugar Ray Lemonade & Brownies 3:40
Bad Actress Terrorvision Whales And Dolphins (The Best Of Terrorvision) [UK] 4:14
Diamonds and Guns Transplants Transplants 4:01
My Kinda Scene Powderfinger Mission Impossible 2 [Soundtrack] 4:26
1, 2, 3, 4 Bomfunk MC’s In Stereo 4:05
Genius Pitchshifter 4:06
Freestyler Bomfunk MC’s In Stereo 5:06
Nobody’s Listening Linkin Park Meteora 2:58
Kick the P.A. Korn/The Dust Brothers Spawn – The Album 3:21
The Calm That Disturbs You Life Of Agony Broken Valley 3:15
I Defy Machine Head The Burning Red 3:42
I Am Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip 2:47
Break Stuff Limp Bizkit Significant Other 2:46
Time and Time Again Papa Roach lovehatetragedy [Bonus Tracks] 2:58
Spaceman (Radio Edit) Babylon Zoo Spaceman 4:05
DJ DJ Transplants Transplants 4:01
One Step Closer Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 2:35
Breaking the Habit Linkin Park Meteora 3:16
Eat You Alive Limp Bizkit Results May Vary (+DVD) [UK] 3:57
Bullet in the Head Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine 5:09
Everything’s F**** Pitchshifter Deviant 4:26
Amerika Rammstein Reise, Reise 3:46
Runaway Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 3:03
Links 2 3 4 Rammstein Mutter 3:36
My Mind is Dangerous Life Of Agony Soul Searching Sun 4:05
Die Another Day (Radio Edit) Madonna Die Another Day Soundtrack 3:32
Killboy Powerhead The Offspring Smash 2:02
head like a hole (slate) Nine Inch Nails head like a hole 4:18
Somewhat Damaged Nine Inch Nails The Fragile (1 of 2) 4:31