Today, matthew, my hair will be ….

Well, if you remember the pink, which you might not, then it’s exactly like that only a sort of turquoise colour. greeny-blue.
I LOVE the turquoise colour, but i think the pink took more folks by surprise, because of the pinkness and well, the general girliness of it all. I have a cadburys purple to try next…

Let’s see, I’m about to start collecting cushions. various shades of red, since my sofa is black and not red. I wanted a red sofa but allt he reds that we found were exactly wrong, so at least the black will go with anything, and it wont be magnolia.

Pale wood, magnolia walls, pale carpets ( when we get them … ooo the hideous expense of it all… waaaah )
so it’s only right that i’d have the occasional bit of brightly colouredness to go round.

I’m also about to manufacture my own standing lamp. im VERY tempted to make a red shade for it…
Basically i have a biggish set of white fairy lights that used to be a curtain of light, but arent now. but i put a much longer cord on them, with an on/off switch.I now plan to construct a frame to hook them round … ( where IS my industrial strength glue gun) and a shade or two of some sort.
I might get some handmade paper to made the shade out of. and maybe bamboo to use as a … stem? i have some sketches anyhoo.

Sticky Backed plastic and some loo roll tubes …..

anyway, i’ve also got 2 or three types of red material to make cushions from. i just need some insides…

hmm, sofa not delivered till august time also, so im guessing, maybe ill get a bean bag or big floor cushion or so for the time being

im rambling.


in a state of hideously-terrified-exited and panicky. cool huh.
and my lime green & pink kitchen spatulas are AWESOME