Egad – Thats a lot of books to carry up two flights of stairs

ME LibraryThat is to say, I have a LIBRARRREEEEEEEE.

Ahem. Yes. 1 small bedroom, 4 x 200cm tall bookcases, 1 little desk for me iMAC, chair that matches me current hair colour, 1 x pile of large cushions to flomp on, 1 tiger ( hobbes ) skin floor rug, and voila, a comfy library for moi.

There ARE some other rooms in the house as i recall, but Y’know. They dont have books in.

That is all.

Everything ELSE needs to be carted up stairs now …


  1. well hello there pet, nice yorkshires. How are you settling in? it would be nice to get a new pic of you but i would love a one of the pics you use on your web page as it is a very nice pic and you will not let me take one of you as you do not like your pic taken ok.see you later luv mum

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