We’re all doomed

By which I mean, that for the first time I will be solo-ing Xmas dinner, as opposed to being assistant catering assistant ( peeling, chopping, fetching, carrying )
Luckily for me i dont have to worry too much about the traditional veg accompaniements. As long as there is a selection of roasted animals, then Adam will be happy.
Actually, as long as dinner IS roasted animals, and no veg, then Adam will be ecstatic.

This means, of course, dinner at the table. Which means, sometime in next week i need to assemble my chairs. Which are still in the garage where i left them when i got my table.

The joys of little TV tables. not so bad when there are 2 of you, but if anyone else should slither by , then it gets wobbly.

– Erm what else. WEll, I have staked out my selection of xmas animals to eat. Unlike Adam, I’m at work over Xmas. So need to make sure there’s plenty of spare carcass for him to gnaw on when i’m back at work.

Otherwise, it’s to finish up the shopping.

Adam – rare techno gadgetry & Hoodies

Nephews A & B : – Dr’s Who & Seuss respectively
Nephew C : Hoodies

Neice A : Goth related products
Neice B : bling
Neice C : WOMD OR Musicals. if possible a musical ABOUT mayheam
Neice D : Bling Jr. she’s a pretty pretty princess and will black your eye if you say otherwise
Neice E : A spoon. To cut hearts out with, and for sampling things. Baby nigella *hem*

Bump ? Nowt yet.

Of course, i cant stash anything under my tree πŸ™

I have a tree!

I dont have the uber super tree i adored, becuase it was ( very very expensive) twigs and mirrors and jewels and suchlike. so i have another huge enormous tree.
Lots of lights. No baubles. Other then MY christmas decoration which is in the garage..

All of this is beside the point. I cant decorate yet, as the floor is being ripped up on the 19th.

I had my shiny new floor liad and finished, July 20th 2007. 2 hours later it was trashed when DFS dragged a huge sofa over it instead of lifting.

The insurance company ( theirs, not ours !!! ) HAS finally sent us the cheques to get it sorted, so 5 months later its getting replaced. Huzzah.

I guess this means that we have a traditional decorating weekend just before xmas. which is nice, i spose πŸ˜›

I need to fix a hook to me ceiling for me awesome star lights, dont i !!!!

I’ll post a piccie of me tree once its oop, like πŸ™‚

That is all.