‘Tis the 12th day of Xmas

And i have to put my beeeeyooooootiful tree away.
Ok, so the tree isnt *quite* as beeeeeyooooootiful as the terribly expensive one that i wanted which was alll mirrors and jewels and silverness. But its still my first very own xmas tree.
So this afternoon i must endevour to unlace the lights from it, and get the tree back in the box it came in.
I dont hold out much hope.

Monday night /tuesday morning /vafternoon / this week sometime niece/newphew numero erm. noin is expected. neuf. kyuu.
fenella tululah mcvitie the second is on his / her way.

I have volunteered ( and bearing in mind that i dont DO alcohol ) to watch the other 6 mini-hellions during the erm. production period. am i insane? Yes proberbly.