So I’m halfway round the world ….

Pune, in Maharashtra, India to be exact.
( the spaceship building on the top left is next door to the one i’m working in. It looks even funkier up close, and wicked cool at night. Apparently it leaks, but its still COOL )Have ibook will travel.

More to the point, will not travel without ibook and assurances of internet connectivity. This thing is my life. Or at least the 80gb’s of my life that can be carried round in my bag. Which turns out to be quite a lot. All hail e-books, mp3’s and t’internet.

Pre travel preparations included anti malaria tablets, jabs, booking flights, washing and ironing, checking on plight of undersea network cable damage. The usual.

Luckily everywhere has wifi connectivity. A little more sluggish than at home [ because i usually dont have to share !!!!!] , but im not too technologically impaired. Until i get to work. security is super tight on campus. Which means no camera phones, no ipods, no data storage devices. Whimper. I have to leave my babies behind each day. We’ve never spent this long apart. I think i’m getting withdrawal.

I’m out here with work, attempting to disgorge the contents of my brain to folks over here. It seems to be going well. It’s a little weird NOT working with surly antiquated ex-engineers, but I’m struggling through.

Traffic here is erm. Well the morning drive thru traffic substitutes for the several am cups of coffee I normally get through. Adreniline is replacing caffeine in my bloodstream. Its just as well I’m not driving myself. I keep my eyes shut most of the time. This does not appear to be detrimental to driving around here. I’ve decided to sleep on the way back to Mumbai airport, purely so that I’m not a gibbering wreck as I go through airport security.

Two weeks down, one week to go. If only i’d thought ahead and pre-recorded adam snoring. normally i put headphones in to sleep to drown it out. Now i’m wearing them to drown out the overwhelming silence. Its funny what you get used to 🙁

I filled the cupboards with noodles before i left. I’m pretty sure he wont starve, I think. There are takeaway menus. He knows where the KFC is too.

I wasn’t so great the first week i was out here. A combination of heat, sunlight and anti malaria tablets. I’ve taken to not going outdoors unless necessary, and now things are ok. This also means that this is my second weekend inside the hotel with the curtains closed and the AC on. I have the internet if I want to look at pictures of where I am. google earth, wikipedia and such. That way the evil DayStar doesnt get me. I’m quite, quite happy with my laptop and assorted media files… sleep till Noon, get up have breakfast and go to work, finish work at 10:30 pm have tea, possibly a coke, play on t’tinternet till 3 am, repeat cycle. It’s all very civilised, “mornings” have been eliminated and minimal exposure to daylight is required.

I’m still looking forwards to coming home though. Fish and chips, and mashed potatoes with gravy are high on the list of things to do when i get back.

Don’t arsk about the fish and chips. spicy raw “ready brek” is NOT an appropriate coating.


  1. i have the huge supply of veg and salad at the ready sis dont worry. and dont be lying to peeps and saying that u just cut out mornings i know you and mornings were never your strong point… ooo and the day star hahhahaah love it should have got u that sun block whats his face used in blade hahahahahah… huggles see u soon

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