Occasionally, when I am bored, I feel the urge to make folks into the undead. No, not hungover people, I do mean the walking dead. However given that I don’t dance, and don’t drink ( so no rum ) VooDoo is out of the question, so I have to resort to other methods.

Andy as a Zombie

This is a a practise run on Andy. I was going for the “Something ripped out my throat, and my beer may dribble through”
This is the contents of my normal make up bag, including an old red lipstick I don’t use anymore, and some flour and water paste, for that sagging fleshy look. Hours of fun for all the family. At least when I zombified Me, James, Andy and Sarah and we all turned up at the bonfire looking like the fireworks had gone badly wrong already.

Greenwitch. Thats and Eye not a spot

The next year, feeling a little bolder,I decided to go with the same idea for halloween.
When I dress up, I like to dress up. I’m not a fan of half measures, so head to toe bodypaint doesnt faze me at all.
For the record, that’s a mystical third ( gummy) eye. Not a wart or a spot. I don’t know who licked it and applied it, I wasnt wearing it when I arrived, but it stayed rather firmly attached for the duration. And really, why mess with a good thing?

I thought, Why not do the Undead thing again. It’s always good for a giggle. and I Just happened to have all the fake blood, liquid latex and fleshy bruisey paint palettes from the halloween before.
A couple strategic rips and tears of an old t-shirt, an hour or so dabbing and creating a fake lip.

tres zombified

Two minutes work to rip said lip off again, paint under it for that wet look, and then stick a peice of wire through the edges to hold it together, which gives that lovely protruding spike from the side.

Based on this evidence, I’ve almost convinced the team at work to be undead for halloween.