dot dot dot

Home again. All is good.

I mean, ok, so adam has eaten everything that could be :

  • microwaved
  • cooked using only boiling water
  • was in a packet and could be eaten cold anyway
  • or was from a careful selection of takeaway menu’s

Other than that. Things are as they should be. I mean there are more helicopter parts strewn around the house than expected. Oh, and the TOTALLY ORANGE ROOM that wasnt there when I left.

I also missed the earthquake, the sub-zero temperatures, and the plague of frog, I beleive.

And it snowed today. Which was kinda cool after the temperatures I’ve been baking at. I mean, it woulda been a little nicer if i hadnt decided to go out in a t-shirt and thin jumper to take adams bike boots to be re-zippered, but still. SNOW.

The journey home was interesting. As car journeys on the Pune-Mumbai expressway are liable to be. What with the whole “chicken” rules thing for driving and such. Facilities at Mumbai limited owing to the entire rebuilding of EVERYTHING. Still once checked in, loafing in the executive lounge is definately more fun than the whole plastic seats and screaming kiddies version.

Even with the regularly scheduled glares of death from Gimpy(tm).

A bit delayed once on the plane due to headwinds and such. But I wantched Om Shanti Om again, and i *think* i got the gist of it this time. Dola ? (i dont even know if i got that right) was the *funny* film. But I missed the end and now I’ll never know what happened.

Landing was a breeze. Or breezy. Yes. Breezy. Slight buffeting. Eventually touched down. Flight crew decided to announce then that *oopsie we didnt load all the baggage* – followed by stampeding hoardes to the belts.

Huzzah my luggage arrived, finally. And on this trip someone didnt try to wander off with it. Which was nice. Although 20kilos suddenly seems a lot heavier when required to be hoofed through london underground and up steps.

Southerners. They can set lord of the rings to music but are unable to install easily identifiable lifts in their bloody underground.

( note to self, find appendix a: new furian empire. It needs revision )