Visiting home – II

Nephew B broke his arm… There are three stairs in the house and he fell down them.

[ he also ran into several doors and smacked into all sorts of other objects … but thats normal]

Still I got to visit an entirely new A & E dept and Nephew B got a new cast despite ” it’s probably not broken” ” no – see he can move his fingers and everything” – just as a precautionary measure

WE got to look at the X-rays and played spot the break ( i won – years of practise with my own you see ) and a further visit to A & E means that he gets the cast off in january.

good eh?

On a lighter note my brother let me play with his World Of Warcraft. I got to be an undead warlock by the name of Pookie. I’m quite fond of slaying the wretched zombies ( still low level but they’ve only got ONE arm … ha ha ha)

I wonder if it’ll run on my ibook.



That reminds me i have to drop hints about Xmas to Adam…. 😀

Anyway all little people maimed and otherwise are safe at home again. Nephew A managed the return trip with 3 less pee stops. Yay!