Wake me up when…

(preferred month) ends, to paraphrase nothing in particular.
I could sleep till then, given opportunity. The topomax that .i’m taking for the migraines have the effect of making me feel like I’ve just had a migraine. Only instead of feelin wishy-washy tired and gritty eyed for a day or so.. it’s permanent.
Right now I’m not seeing any reduction in frequency and I never feel better. I’d rather have the infrequent brain foozles, sleep it off and recover, than to perambulate along semi-comatose with one hemisphere of my brain on permanent downtime. I happen to like my synapses firing.
Roll on neurologist! He said there were other options! Lets go for it.

Also, for the record, nerve function tests are nasty!

” We’re just going to electrocute each finger, see how your nerves work”

Sounds more pleasant than it actually is. And I know it sounds ghastly. Its rathe like continually smacking your funny bone, only in each finger, for about twenty minutes.
I’m hoping they’ll suggest robot arms instead of the rubbish ones I have.