My name is Sam, I’ve been 5’2″ since I was 17, and as soon as I get taller, I promise to grow up. Its been 20+ years so far, and no sign of change. ( since all three siblings are taller, and one of my cousins has a sixteen inch height advantage… unfair)

My parents called me Samantha which is all very well, but its reserved for my mum telling me off and no-one has called me by my full title since childhood. If you try it, I genuinely won’t know it’s me you’re talking to.

As a self confessed Geek, my interests include reading, hoarding and spending time with my books. I also, of course have a deep seated love of things that go beep and light up. I’ve been dismantling things since i was 2 or 3. Sometimes I put them back together. Quite often they work again afterwards.

I clear out the obsolete technology box at least once a year, but refuse to get rid of my antique hp omnibook 800ct – which i need because it has a COM port for the robot I built when I was twelve.( and SCSI … I don’t have anything that needs that, but just in case…)

My other interests include baking ugly but edible cakes , writing terrible haiku, and dying my hair in non standard shades. Currently this is a fade through green, blue  and purple but over the last 12 months has included purple, blue, green and bright pink.

My bookshelves ( Did I mention I have a library with a wall of bookshelves stacked 3 deep ) are mostly Sci-fi and fantasy, with a collection of biographies,  language references, non fiction on computing, useful stuff for writing , the entire hardback calvin and hobbes, Gary Larson, cerebus the aardvark. I never go anywhere, including to bed, without some form of reading matter, whether its paper or pixel, and all of my handbags are chosen to ensure that they fit a hardback and/or my ipad preciousss….

I speak and read french adequately, japanese well enough to order beer ( which I don’t drink ) and sufficient holiday phrases in sufficient others  to ensure that no-one gets accidental salad.

Musically – metal, rock, punk ( not so much pop punk ) , and a smattering of classical strings or people with awesome voices. I don’t really like anything that has a “dance” except the time warp, and I’m not overly keen on chart music. Could I tell you who is in a band, or recite discographies? Nope.

I dont do soaps or reality tv. There’s far too much reality already available.

I watch scifi or crime dramas over the top of whatever book I’m currently reading. I also kinda like classic comedy, and Monty python.

Why am i writing this in the first place? I havent a clue. I like to write. I like to ramble. I have no intention of posting regularly or in any useful form. Its gonna be random junk as and when i feel like it.

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