Pixels, Ink, Dead Trees

Now that my house is built, I have a library of my very own. Floor to ceiling bookcases that are already overflowing, a little ‘puter desk and a chair. Admittedly its a very small room, but its all mine. Mwahahah.
I have recently obtained a Very Large Beanbag for sprawling on. I need to do some logistical reshuffling to make room for everything. It is exceedingly comfortable however.
I have my imac installed in there. A Lava Lamp, and am looking for enough plugs to install my plasma ball ( shiny )
I just need to block out the light and i’ll be sorted.

Reading is something I’ve done every day since I was about three years old. I start to feel twitchy If I dont have a book within arms length at all times.

So, Y’know, I could link to my amazon wishlist … books always well received over here if anyone has an itchy credit card they arent using.

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