Webcomics I check on a quasi regular basis. This isnt all of em. Just my favourites. and, some of em have archives that go back a couple years.*cough* ten *cough*

SO… who NEEDS sleep, eh?
Most of them are gaming / fantasy related, apart from the ones that aren’t…
List’ll be added to no doubt..

Computers / Gaming


( i.e. not gaming related, and a bit.. well. girly )

  1. Red String
  2. girls with slingshots
  3. Devil’s Panties
  4. Wapsi Square
  5. Questionable Content

A bit weird

and… er Probably very innappropriate humour.

  • Least I Could Do I probably shouldn’t find this, this funny.
  • SMBC Uhm. I’d be worried if i were this guy
  • XKCD Brilliant and disturbing all at the same time