87 sleeps to xmas

Vodka Bears

And I still haven’t started making things yet. Some of the things I plan to make will take some time, especially if wool is involved. Last year I decided that rather than inflict Boots smellies on friends and family, who hadn’t made specific requests, that I would force them all to suffer through my home-made gifts. They were primarily alcohol and crochet related. Toffee Vodka   ( Werthers originals ) Cranberry Gin ( Craisins & fresh Cranberries ) Red Hots Vodka ( Experimental Cinnamon flavoured. Very Sticky ) Dressing up things for small people ( aprons, shopping bags, fluffy skirts ) Various Crocheted things. fingerless mittens. hats. mug copies Vodka Gummy Bears ( see pic to left ) Out of those things, the cranberry gin, toffee vodka, and Vodka Gummy bears were the most popular. I am now searching Pinterest with interest to determine whats popular this year, wondering where … Continue reading

I blame the woolvalanche

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Okay, so I might have taken up crochet again. A bit. I might have finished the epic pink blanket, and the stripey blanket, and half a dozen pairs of fingerless gloves and be halfway through the rest of the blankets and I keep bringing wool home, and theres a bit of a pile…..

June and Winter…

“There are two seasons in Scotland : June and Winter” Billy Connolly Which pretty much holds true for the rest of the uk at the moment. And June was a bit hit and miss, even so. So what was I doing in june? Firstly… Not climbing this extremely tall pole on a freezing cold day. Do I need mention it was raining to? I went back to Crail Pottery, bought more stoneware, and coveted some bowls. Decided that the fiddly pink blanket I am making For K-k-katie , using the sarah london Wool Eater pattern in six shades of pink, was going to kill my fingers. So I broke out the Sugru and made custom thumb rests in my 4mm and 4.5mm hooks. Visited my mum and dad, who live in an award winning village in Fife, and went to look at the beach. It was high tide, and it … Continue reading