Not actual housekeeping. Heck no. That would involve pledge and dusters and the dyson, and too many flights of stairs.

I’m not saying I shouldn’t tidy up, but I came to sit at my desk to start cleaning it, in order to move it closer to the radiator to keep my toes warm when at sewing machine or computer, and just shifted the teetering heap to one side, put warm socks on instead and fired up the iMac. ( I refer you to and invite you to guess which sort )

So, this is virtual housekeeping ( except I already logged into wow, did my auctions, collected my resources and did my garrison missions. FarmVille with orcs.  So not that sort of virtual ), in which i get rid of a load of old wordpress plugins & pages that I dont want, delete a pile of themes i installed on a whim, revert back to one I actually like because its fluid ( and try updating my social stream plugin – which is only co-operating for twitter at the moment,which is super annoying… that means I have to read documentation!




There was a long discussion the otherday about what, exactly, one calls a crochet-er. Which doesnt sound right. Crocheteer? Crochet-er ?

I voted for hooker, which was surprisingly unpopular with the masses. Can’t imagine why.

As you may gather from this, I decided that I wasnt going to mess my wrists up with NaNoWriMo this year. Heck no. Instead I have resumed crochet. Because who needs carpal tunnels anyway?

I started small, in october, with a few balls of yarn from my mum’s old stash, and a packet of hooks from amazon, plus my old metal ones. Then I visited strontian with the parental units, and found .

Yarn was purchased. recycled sari silk to be precise. And a wooden hook 7mm.

And then I got Stitch and bitch crochet from amazon which led me further into misadventure. Then hobbicraft was having a three-for-the-price-of-two sale on yarn.

So, anyway, I have a laundry basket full of acrylic, cotton, silk and wool, and a mission!

I volunteered to make topical christmas hats for my team of 5 at work. And also anyone else who I can inflict crochery on. ( siblings, neices, nephews , passers by )

I discovered that when I follow a pattern I get mutated-yarn boggles. Or hats that can be worn as sweaters

On the other hand, .if I sit and noodle, it turns out okay. I’ve learned specific stitches and techniques from youtube, ravelry, etc. But on the whole, I’m making it up as I go along. And infecting others.

( Sis B is now into headbands and flowers in a BIG way . If anyone wondered what they were getting for xmas )

I, on the other hand have constructed :-

  • Purple beanie n scarf in shell & Half double (usa)
  • Two black/blue beanies. One in appropriate size for 9-12 in single crochet stripes. And then a much bigger one in back post crochet stripes when realising that Nephew B has a very large head.
  • A green beanie in what might be some sort of popcorny stitch, which is made of 5 triples in the same stitch.
  • A hat which slightly resembles a jellyfish, in mohair & pink fuzz
  • A fuzzy lamb- like thing. With ears.
  • A santa hat, ripped open to show a crochet brain, complete with small zombie nomming on the grey matter, itself with its own santa hat.
  • Grey, black and white cloche made from unbelievably thick acrylic wool ( super toasty )
  • Dalek! with eye stalk, and blue glowing light! ( much tv related research! )






goggles and cogs

I suspect this is brought on by having spent some considerable time reading Girl Genius, [ Online, PDF comics, and printed novels ] and a lifelong love of taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together again, but I am starting to drift steampunk-wards, with an affectation towards the mad-scientist part.

My suspicions were mostly confirmed at christmas, when I managed to, er, convince several members of my team at work that they should wear festive hats adorned with assorted minion labels. They even wore them when I wasn’t in the office. [ I do have photo’s, but it would be unfair to share them ] I’ve also been doing some sterling work on my maniacal/evil laugh, lusting after various gadgets and gizmo’s on both Warehouse 13 AND Sanctuary, and have been dusting off my corsets.

( Neice A is also showing leanings in this direction )

It was brought home to me today when I started looking for a new ipad dock, and instead of looking at the ones with sparkly lights and smooth brushed aluminium lines – I was browsing through brass and wood in interest, and looking at my box of obsolete technology ™ and wondering what could be re-purposed.

  • Hard Drive enclosure into old hardback books. No problem.
  • Convert one or more keyboards into a more… elegant style. Can Do !
  • Raspberry_Pi on backorder… bwahahahahahahahaha. Well, you know. So adaptable and so tiny. So to speak.
  • Big white imac. rubs chin pensively.
I also appear to have colleagues, locally, who are already into the whole re-enactment and steampunk type affair. It’s highly possible that I could tag along, perhaps, to the next outing, just to find out what is going on.
In the meantime I shall haunt ,




today I will be mostly

… doing book related things without getting suckered into reading them again.
I had plans to scan the remaining Cubes from my wall of cubes(tm) into delicious library, and from thence import the csv file into Goodreads so that I can organise thingummies online.
However, that gets mildly scuppered as i keep reading the blighters and not scanning them. Also, if Nephew B hears of scanning occurring without his assistance, there may be consequences. Or Sulking. Perhaps both.

I have therefore developed a cunning plan, which is to sort and backup my ebook library and not the dead-tree(tm) collection.

Currently I am reading in epub ( ipad ) and mobi ( kindle. on my ipad ) format. I’ve always tried to buy DRM free stuff to prevent the unable to read when device is changed over, versions. I also have PDF comic books for my girl genius addiction.( Its the Jagermonsters and not the steampunkness. Honest )

Therefore, I need to make sure that

a) I have backup copies of everything I have purchased

b) That I have said backup copies in appropriate formats – preferably non DRM’d

c) That I file things carefully under Author

Plan b is to Summon the child and make him scan books for me while i read.


I kinda wish the ipad email app allowed for a little more formatting…. 
Sam Howell 

 Sam installs, services, supports and maintains the computers of many of her hapless acquaintances, and very rarely commits any truly evil deeds without malice aforethought, and much giggling. 
 Think before you print! Many Tree-souls will name you anathema, and your name be whispered in dark forests to frighten the saplings

 This email contains MY information, which may be privileged or confidential.It’s meant only for the individual(s),entity, or other non-corporeal beings named above. If you’re not the intended recipient, note that disclosing, copying, distributing or using this information is prohibited and will result in the loss of your soul, firstborn child, or electronic games system of my choice. If you’ve received this email in error, you are likely to be eaten by a grue. 
Thank you.We monitor our email system, and may record your thoughts.

“Now I am become Sam. Enabler of Geeks”

And don’t think I didnt ponder using the real version of that quote for a long long time.

Ok, so it was only one Geek. But she is my sister.

Just before bonfire night I received a panicked sunday afternoon phone call. Things being what they are I headed over, sharpish, to see what was the matter.

What the matter was, was that she had taken on the task of putting together the compenents of a PC that was handed to her – apparently in a carrier bag – in a jigsaw like state. It had been taken apart for ” cleaning “

Reconstruction was almost complete when I arrived. There was just the usual “ok, so did he give me all the bits” sanity check, and the “this WILL FIT” jemmying to do.

I was there mostly to provide immoral support and make sucky-whistling-teeth noises.

When she powered back up – voila. It worked. She then tracked down and fixed a rickety fan blade or two. then disaster. It wouldnt POST. I offered to take a look for her, but she thought she’d sleep on it to have a think.

When I checked back the next morning she had already identified that the “dismantler” had been a little too enthusiastic, and had reconnected the cunningly disconnected leads inside the PSU.

I was so proud.

Especially considering that she was still using the tools from her own PC deconstruction routine

  • weeny screwdriver for dismantling glasses
  • overlarge screwcriver for dismantling diesel engines
  • lump hammer
  • blunt instruments
  • eyebrow tweezers

In the interests of encouragement, she is now armed with a proper PC tool kit with appropriate sized tools in it, and ( given that I was getting an up to date one ) a copy of Upgrading and Repairing PC’s

She’s started reading it.

Anyone else feel the hairs standing up on the back of their necks?


I discover that I cannot walk the tightrope.

I have a Wii and managed to find a Wii fit, on the general principle that combining exercise and computer games is not a bad thing.

My balance being what it isn’t, I am trying to improve it. According to Nintendo, my balance, on two feet, is pretty damn good. Lift one foot off the floor in any situation, and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s like my brain is going  * TILT* *TILT*

So, some of the yoga poses are fine. Others less so. Oh, it SAYS that it’s fine to hang on to someone, or something till you get the hang of it, but find me one sober person who is happy to make an idiot of themselves in company, and they can do the tree pose instead of me.

I’ve discovered, so far, that I’m addicted to the Wibble board where you have to drop marbles through holes without losing them, against the clock. Only the marbles are people, and the boards are different shapes and… well… It keeps me amused anyway.

I’m not to bad at the penguin tilting game. Football heading gets me hit in the face with shoes and panda heads approx 73% of the time. I’ve worked through the Step classes and discovered that I will probably never ever win at DDR. “tips to improve – work on your sense of rythm” Ooooo, I havent got one to speak of.

Still, lets see if i keep it up.

Unlike me on the  tightrope, where lifting either foot sends me plummeting to my untimely doom to the cheers of the wiimii gallery on the far side. Gits.

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