Beware the Ides…

I started writing this on sunday, but didn’t hit the publish button, so we’ll keep the title. If i want to stick with the roman theme I only have Nones, Ides and Kalends to pick from, none of which it actually is today.

I kept up with the haiku, every day. Some days are better than others, but the point is to write something every day without excuse. My recent favourites :

  • I, taking notes, am / Intimidating. So? Good! / Now? I’ll underline.
  • Sunday, no lie-in / Armed with book and toast. Reading / In my quiet house

I also took up responding to @writerlytweets #sixwordstory prompts to make myself write on a random subject. I’ve decided that my brain is a little weird, if only because I can rapidly come up with multiple responses to some prompts, which makes me think that these are subjects that I have subconsciously contemplated for a while.

  • Home remodel disaster > “Careful, that’s load bearing paint”/ “Bricked yourself in, you say?”
  • Clowns > Under the paint: No face
  • Bad visit to ex > “So, I’m not dead after all…” / “Conjugal visit? Not on your life!”
  • criminal lover > ” Wouldn’t hide bodies for anyone else…”

Actual writing, writing…eeeeh, not so much. I’ve been doing a lot of deleting editing, and plenty of reading, although most of it was re-reading of old favourites.



I’ve committed Haiku

A week ago at work, I attended an optional course about using consistent, audience appropriate language for my work related written communications. It was a “webinar” type thing, looking at language, favourite words, and the tone and word choice used by different companies.  ( this was optional – I wasn’t pulled up for starting all my emails as “Wotcher mister” )

It did make me think about how and when to use words, and its helped a lot with making the stuff I write down more direct ( not here. Here i ramble on  and no one can stop me! ) and one of the exercises was to condense a page wall of text into a haiku form. And I really, really enjoyed it – although after discussion, i have to submit my weekly reports in full paragraphs.

Shame that!

I’m kind of fond of poetry anyway, especially the stream of consciousness styles of e.e.cummings, for example. Not so much Philip Larkin – although that dislike could be the result of an english lit. a-level.

So I thought, for fun, I’d write a haiku every day about whatever had been the topic of the day for me. This is having a postive effect on reminding me to check my blooming twitter account, and also really confusing sis B.

So – this is my week in Haiku  in 5-7-5 syllables, discounting traditional imagery.

  • Thursday :Re-Writing emails / with smiley face diagrams / and very short words
  • Friday : Tongue in teeth, drawing / Kohl lines without my glasses / Epic Liner Fail
  • Saturday : nose inside a book / Reading and forgetting that / coffee cools quite fast
  • Sunday: sun. blue sky. white clouds / Outside breathing dragon smoke / Brass monkey weather
  • Monday:fat white flakes falling / On animated app screen / truth reveals blue sky
  • Tuesday:Two hour traffic jam / motorway juddered to beeping halt / where is my exit?
  • Wednesday: Today my ears popped / Sinuses are seemingly / filled with snot and lead

I’ll see how long I can keep it up 🙂

( the picture is leakers bookshop in inverness. Which is irrelevant but awesome )