June and Winter…

“There are two seasons in Scotland : June and Winter” Billy Connolly

Which pretty much holds true for the rest of the uk at the moment. And June was a bit hit and miss, even so.

So what was I doing in june?
Firstly… Not climbing this extremely tall pole on a freezing cold day. Do I need mention it was raining to?


I went back to Crail Pottery, bought more stoneware, and coveted some bowls.


Decided that the fiddly pink blanket I am making For K-k-katie , using the sarah london Wool Eater pattern in six shades of pink, was going to kill my fingers. So I broke out the Sugru and made custom thumb rests in my 4mm and 4.5mm hooks.


Visited my mum and dad, who live in an award winning village in Fife, and went to look at the beach. It was high tide, and it was raining, but… still a cracking view.


Came home via aunt peggy and uncle billy's house. Stripped clean, empty, and ready to be sold, I had to take a photo of the carpet I grew up with. It's just occurred to me thst these are the shades I dye my hair most often.

Brrr, subliminal, or what?


I may have hooked nephew A on circular gallifreyan, sindarin, angerthas, and a number of imaginary languages. Oops!


And then I did some more coveting. Circular 'Cuddler’ chairs, heaped with cushions, are exactly the right size for a library reading chair, no?



End of June update :

pink wool eater : 8 balls of wool in, 3 to go, takes hours to go round.

Pink triple strand single crocheted blanket : halfway through.

Zombies crocheted : Zero, but I have the perfect sickly green for their skin!


Dewey Decimal

Well, Its sorted!

3 deep in each cube, we have :

Non fiction

  • Languages
  • Cookery
  • Comp Sci & Networking
  • History
  • Random non fiction that doesnt deserve its own cube, such as Fencing, Tattoos, ancient inventions, pattern drafting, crochet, seashore creatures… er.. etc
  • Fiction

  • Trashy Novels that i'll read more than once, but I bought from the “normal books” section and not a genre
  • Sci Fi & Fantasy ( 60% of my cubes.)
  • TV tie ins
  • Crime & Thrillers
  • Comic books and Graphic novels ( 3 cubes including every calvin and hobbes books ever, and cerebus the aardvark)
  • novels in foreign languages ( French, Latin & japanese
  • This is only half of the Cubes. And Yes, that is my sonic screwdriver on the shelf. I was using it to change tracks on my imac while i was working.

    All I need to do now is to update my copy of Delicious Library and scan everything. I shall employ Nephew B ( aka Child A/Roadkiller/are you sure you didnt mean to call him damien) and arm him with my iphone scanner)

    Well, That and 2,500 bookplates, some RFID tags, And a set of Dewey Decimal Labels for the shelves….


    I am become….

    • Dys … devourer of words
    • Dys … destroyer of walls
    • Dys … Constructor of bookcases

    Yes, I’ve said that before in relation to Geeks, but this time I mean it.
    I’m rehoming my library.

    When we moved into the house four years ago there were technically 4 bedrooms. In reality this was 1 large bedroo , 1 medium bedroom and one teeeny tiny bedroom. plus the room downstairs that opens into the garden and is billed as a bedroom/study. That makes 3.5 bedrooms to my mind.

    The library is currently installed in the 0.5 of a room upstairs. If we had a cat, it would have a concussion, the bookshelves are starting to creak under the load.

    I have therefore hatched a plot to steal the repsol room for my library, it having an additional 100cm of width. This leaves the small pointless room … well, pointless. I measured, and adams desk won’t fit. As a desk. It sort of fills the room from wall to wall.

    Solution : Remove the plasterboard wall betwen middle sized room of Orange and the pokey room. Produce a much larger room at the back of the house. Block up a doorway, redo the lighting. We now have a 3 bedroom house, or will do. Probably move into the bigger room, and install Adams desk at the end. Ok, we lose immediate access to the en-suite, but given that there are two bathrooms upstairs, thats not so big of a problem.
    If we ever move we need to put a wall back up and a door back in. Not a problem.

    Which means that I have to shift the futon from the Repsol Room, And fill it with bookcases. .i’m thinking Expedit from IKEA cause theyre cubey and will hold gubbins pretty well. Need a new desk that sits over the radiator.
    And then carry all the books downstairs. Wheee.

    ‘Tis the 12th day of Xmas

    And i have to put my beeeeyooooootiful tree away.
    Ok, so the tree isnt *quite* as beeeeeyooooootiful as the terribly expensive one that i wanted which was alll mirrors and jewels and silverness. But its still my first very own xmas tree.
    So this afternoon i must endevour to unlace the lights from it, and get the tree back in the box it came in.
    I dont hold out much hope.

    Monday night /tuesday morning /vafternoon / this week sometime niece/newphew numero erm. noin is expected. neuf. kyuu.
    fenella tululah mcvitie the second is on his / her way.

    I have volunteered ( and bearing in mind that i dont DO alcohol ) to watch the other 6 mini-hellions during the erm. production period. am i insane? Yes proberbly.

    We’re all doomed

    By which I mean, that for the first time I will be solo-ing Xmas dinner, as opposed to being assistant catering assistant ( peeling, chopping, fetching, carrying )
    Luckily for me i dont have to worry too much about the traditional veg accompaniements. As long as there is a selection of roasted animals, then Adam will be happy.
    Actually, as long as dinner IS roasted animals, and no veg, then Adam will be ecstatic.

    This means, of course, dinner at the table. Which means, sometime in next week i need to assemble my chairs. Which are still in the garage where i left them when i got my table.

    The joys of little TV tables. not so bad when there are 2 of you, but if anyone else should slither by , then it gets wobbly.

    – Erm what else. WEll, I have staked out my selection of xmas animals to eat. Unlike Adam, I’m at work over Xmas. So need to make sure there’s plenty of spare carcass for him to gnaw on when i’m back at work.

    Otherwise, it’s to finish up the shopping.

    Adam – rare techno gadgetry & Hoodies

    Nephews A & B : – Dr’s Who & Seuss respectively
    Nephew C : Hoodies

    Neice A : Goth related products
    Neice B : bling
    Neice C : WOMD OR Musicals. if possible a musical ABOUT mayheam
    Neice D : Bling Jr. she’s a pretty pretty princess and will black your eye if you say otherwise
    Neice E : A spoon. To cut hearts out with, and for sampling things. Baby nigella *hem*

    Bump ? Nowt yet.

    Of course, i cant stash anything under my tree πŸ™

    I have a tree!

    I dont have the uber super tree i adored, becuase it was ( very very expensive) twigs and mirrors and jewels and suchlike. so i have another huge enormous tree.
    Lots of lights. No baubles. Other then MY christmas decoration which is in the garage..

    All of this is beside the point. I cant decorate yet, as the floor is being ripped up on the 19th.

    I had my shiny new floor liad and finished, July 20th 2007. 2 hours later it was trashed when DFS dragged a huge sofa over it instead of lifting.

    The insurance company ( theirs, not ours !!! ) HAS finally sent us the cheques to get it sorted, so 5 months later its getting replaced. Huzzah.

    I guess this means that we have a traditional decorating weekend just before xmas. which is nice, i spose πŸ˜›

    I need to fix a hook to me ceiling for me awesome star lights, dont i !!!!

    I’ll post a piccie of me tree once its oop, like πŸ™‚

    That is all.

    Egad – Thats a lot of books to carry up two flights of stairs

    ME LibraryThat is to say, I have a LIBRARRREEEEEEEE.

    Ahem. Yes. 1 small bedroom, 4 x 200cm tall bookcases, 1 little desk for me iMAC, chair that matches me current hair colour, 1 x pile of large cushions to flomp on, 1 tiger ( hobbes ) skin floor rug, and voila, a comfy library for moi.

    There ARE some other rooms in the house as i recall, but Y’know. They dont have books in.

    That is all.

    Everything ELSE needs to be carted up stairs now …

    Today, matthew, my hair will be ….

    Well, if you remember the pink, which you might not, then it’s exactly like that only a sort of turquoise colour. greeny-blue.
    I LOVE the turquoise colour, but i think the pink took more folks by surprise, because of the pinkness and well, the general girliness of it all. I have a cadburys purple to try next…

    Let’s see, I’m about to start collecting cushions. various shades of red, since my sofa is black and not red. I wanted a red sofa but allt he reds that we found were exactly wrong, so at least the black will go with anything, and it wont be magnolia.

    Pale wood, magnolia walls, pale carpets ( when we get them … ooo the hideous expense of it all… waaaah )
    so it’s only right that i’d have the occasional bit of brightly colouredness to go round.

    I’m also about to manufacture my own standing lamp. im VERY tempted to make a red shade for it…
    Basically i have a biggish set of white fairy lights that used to be a curtain of light, but arent now. but i put a much longer cord on them, with an on/off switch.I now plan to construct a frame to hook them round … ( where IS my industrial strength glue gun) and a shade or two of some sort.
    I might get some handmade paper to made the shade out of. and maybe bamboo to use as a … stem? i have some sketches anyhoo.

    Sticky Backed plastic and some loo roll tubes …..

    anyway, i’ve also got 2 or three types of red material to make cushions from. i just need some insides…

    hmm, sofa not delivered till august time also, so im guessing, maybe ill get a bean bag or big floor cushion or so for the time being

    im rambling.


    in a state of hideously-terrified-exited and panicky. cool huh.
    and my lime green & pink kitchen spatulas are AWESOME

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