today I will be mostly

… doing book related things without getting suckered into reading them again.
I had plans to scan the remaining Cubes from my wall of cubes(tm) into delicious library, and from thence import the csv file into Goodreads so that I can organise thingummies online.
However, that gets mildly scuppered as i keep reading the blighters and not scanning them. Also, if Nephew B hears of scanning occurring without his assistance, there may be consequences. Or Sulking. Perhaps both.

I have therefore developed a cunning plan, which is to sort and backup my ebook library and not the dead-tree(tm) collection.

Currently I am reading in epub ( ipad ) and mobi ( kindle. on my ipad ) format. I’ve always tried to buy DRM free stuff to prevent the unable to read when device is changed over, versions. I also have PDF comic books for my girl genius addiction.( Its the Jagermonsters and not the steampunkness. Honest )

Therefore, I need to make sure that

a) I have backup copies of everything I have purchased

b) That I have said backup copies in appropriate formats – preferably non DRM’d

c) That I file things carefully under Author

Plan b is to Summon the child and make him scan books for me while i read.

Nemo !

I have a new nephew. Which makes 4 in total plus I still have the other 6 neices.

To Recap :

I have 2 sisters  A and B and one Brother A.Each sister has a partner. BIL A and B respectively. Brother A has a – partner too. I shall call her Brother A’s GF or   Z  for short.

Neices and Nephews are assigned their own letter in order of age, irrespective of Parent Letter. Neices A through F belong to sister A, nephews A and B belong to sister B, and Nephews C and now D belong to sister A.

There’s been the usual discussion of names. Sister A tending towards the lengthy sunday oh-now-you’re-in-trouble type. Newphew C voted for Nemo. While nephew D wasn’t called that in the end, I know it’s going to be his nickname for years.

And Yes, I did that thing again, where I lose my sanity and decide that Suuuuure I’ll look after the other 7 plus assorted livestock.

With minor issues… normal children being little oiks, and the livestock being a nuisance, I survived. And so did they. Wooo!

Veni, Vidi, wait, whats the latin for cowered behind desk ?

Yeaaaaah, so for some reason, I got volunteered to teach a little latin to nephew A’s primary school class.

After a little postponing, I got my act together and headed down there one morning for an hour and a half.

Yeah, thinks I, teach em to say what their name is, how old they are, a bit of counting, a couple of songs?

In groups of five, 7&8 years olds are kinda scary. And intense.

and BOY do they have the power of sidetracking….

I think i signed up to go back, but i could be wrong . . . .

‘Tis the 12th day of Xmas

And i have to put my beeeeyooooootiful tree away.
Ok, so the tree isnt *quite* as beeeeeyooooootiful as the terribly expensive one that i wanted which was alll mirrors and jewels and silverness. But its still my first very own xmas tree.
So this afternoon i must endevour to unlace the lights from it, and get the tree back in the box it came in.
I dont hold out much hope.

Monday night /tuesday morning /vafternoon / this week sometime niece/newphew numero erm. noin is expected. neuf. kyuu.
fenella tululah mcvitie the second is on his / her way.

I have volunteered ( and bearing in mind that i dont DO alcohol ) to watch the other 6 mini-hellions during the erm. production period. am i insane? Yes proberbly.

We’re all doomed

By which I mean, that for the first time I will be solo-ing Xmas dinner, as opposed to being assistant catering assistant ( peeling, chopping, fetching, carrying )
Luckily for me i dont have to worry too much about the traditional veg accompaniements. As long as there is a selection of roasted animals, then Adam will be happy.
Actually, as long as dinner IS roasted animals, and no veg, then Adam will be ecstatic.

This means, of course, dinner at the table. Which means, sometime in next week i need to assemble my chairs. Which are still in the garage where i left them when i got my table.

The joys of little TV tables. not so bad when there are 2 of you, but if anyone else should slither by , then it gets wobbly.

– Erm what else. WEll, I have staked out my selection of xmas animals to eat. Unlike Adam, I’m at work over Xmas. So need to make sure there’s plenty of spare carcass for him to gnaw on when i’m back at work.

Otherwise, it’s to finish up the shopping.

Adam – rare techno gadgetry & Hoodies

Nephews A & B : – Dr’s Who & Seuss respectively
Nephew C : Hoodies

Neice A : Goth related products
Neice B : bling
Neice C : WOMD OR Musicals. if possible a musical ABOUT mayheam
Neice D : Bling Jr. she’s a pretty pretty princess and will black your eye if you say otherwise
Neice E : A spoon. To cut hearts out with, and for sampling things. Baby nigella *hem*

Bump ? Nowt yet.

Of course, i cant stash anything under my tree 🙁

I have a tree!

I dont have the uber super tree i adored, becuase it was ( very very expensive) twigs and mirrors and jewels and suchlike. so i have another huge enormous tree.
Lots of lights. No baubles. Other then MY christmas decoration which is in the garage..

All of this is beside the point. I cant decorate yet, as the floor is being ripped up on the 19th.

I had my shiny new floor liad and finished, July 20th 2007. 2 hours later it was trashed when DFS dragged a huge sofa over it instead of lifting.

The insurance company ( theirs, not ours !!! ) HAS finally sent us the cheques to get it sorted, so 5 months later its getting replaced. Huzzah.

I guess this means that we have a traditional decorating weekend just before xmas. which is nice, i spose 😛

I need to fix a hook to me ceiling for me awesome star lights, dont i !!!!

I’ll post a piccie of me tree once its oop, like 🙂

That is all.

I’m running out of letters !!!

My Cunning plan to let my siblings and other family members retain their anonymity is going to run into problems soon. Or confusion. See I’m working on this method … Eldest sister is Sister A Younger sister is Sister B, and Brother is Brother A. Brother in Law’s are the same letter as the respective sister … ( Brother A is unmarried. Apart from to his PC so we’ll worry about that when we come to it ) Next Generation. Alphabetically in order of age regardless of parents letter. Neices A B C D & NOW E & Nephew C belong to Sister A, Nephews A & B Belong to Sister B. See relatively simple. Its just the exponential increase in Neices from the A Side thats causing confusion. I’ll link a Gif with the family tree on before long…. I’m not going to release real names of course but one of those actually bandied around for Neice er E had quite a nice ring to it. Fenella Talulah McKenzie… Except I’d call the poor girl Fallulah Tenella McVitie or something…. best stick with E its ever so much easier.!!!!

’tis the day before the day before Xmas

And I’m in the Plaster room at Jimmy’s

Nephew *B* has just peeled his Fibre glass cast off.

Wow ! you think. it lasted 3 weeks?

Erm. No.
This is the *replacement* cast that he peeled off. The Plaster one only lasted a week.
The blue one is ten days old. I got to pin him down. The blue fibre glass has *JUST* come off my skin and there was concentrated bribery with white maltesers before he’d talk to me again after that one.

So … Ten days later here we are. in the plaster room again. With the same nurse on duty. Heh.

We dont have to use the Buzz saw this time which was the major sticking point last time. Even if bob the builder has one nephew B doesn’t care.

Because its Christmas Nephew B is the proud owner of a Green Cast covered in Santa’s & snowmen. [ it was a joke. The Other nurse took me seriously ] One of the rooms other occupants was jealous. Seeing as he was a 30 year old bloke he had to make do with plain old blue.

Because Nephew B was squirmy and awkward he got to sit on Mummy’s knee and aunty frogjuice got to be the evil one again and don latex glubs and hold his arm forcibly straight for the casting.

More white maltesers later …

This cast seems to amuse him. Its a lot heavier so it tires him out faster.
Also he can smack his brother with it.

Its only got to last 14 days….

Visiting home – II

Nephew B broke his arm… There are three stairs in the house and he fell down them.

[ he also ran into several doors and smacked into all sorts of other objects … but thats normal]

Still I got to visit an entirely new A & E dept and Nephew B got a new cast despite ” it’s probably not broken” ” no – see he can move his fingers and everything” – just as a precautionary measure

WE got to look at the X-rays and played spot the break ( i won – years of practise with my own you see ) and a further visit to A & E means that he gets the cast off in january.

good eh?

On a lighter note my brother let me play with his World Of Warcraft. I got to be an undead warlock by the name of Pookie. I’m quite fond of slaying the wretched zombies ( still low level but they’ve only got ONE arm … ha ha ha)

I wonder if it’ll run on my ibook.



That reminds me i have to drop hints about Xmas to Adam…. 😀

Anyway all little people maimed and otherwise are safe at home again. Nephew A managed the return trip with 3 less pee stops. Yay!

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