today I will be mostly

… doing book related things without getting suckered into reading them again. I had plans to scan the remaining Cubes from my wall of cubes(tm) into delicious library, and from thence import the csv file into Goodreads so that I can organise thingummies online. However, that gets mildly scuppered as i keep reading the blighters and not scanning them. Also, if Nephew B hears of scanning occurring without his assistance, there may be consequences. Or Sulking. Perhaps both. I have therefore developed a cunning plan, which is to sort and backup my ebook library and not the dead-tree(tm) collection. Currently I am reading in epub ( ipad ) and mobi ( kindle. on my ipad ) format. I’ve always tried to buy DRM free stuff to prevent the unable to read when device is changed over, versions. I also have PDF comic books for my girl genius addiction.( Its the Jagermonsters and … Continue reading

Nemo !

I have a new nephew. Which makes 4 in total plus I still have the other 6 neices.

To Recap :

I have 2 sisters  A and B and one Brother A.Each sister has a partner. BIL A and B respectively. Brother A has a – partner too. I shall call her Brother A’s GF or   Z  for short.

Neices and Nephews are assigned their own letter in order of age, irrespective of Parent Letter. Neices A through F belong to sister A, nephews A and B belong to sister B, and Nephews C and now D belong to sister A.

There’s been the usual discussion of names. Sister A tending towards the lengthy sunday oh-now-you’re-in-trouble type. Newphew C voted for Nemo. While nephew D wasn’t called that in the end, I know it’s going to be his nickname for years.

And Yes, I did that thing again, where I lose my sanity and decide that Suuuuure I’ll look after the other 7 plus assorted livestock.

With minor issues… normal children being little oiks, and the livestock being a nuisance, I survived. And so did they. Wooo!

Veni, Vidi, wait, whats the latin for cowered behind desk ?

Yeaaaaah, so for some reason, I got volunteered to teach a little latin to nephew A’s primary school class.

After a little postponing, I got my act together and headed down there one morning for an hour and a half.

Yeah, thinks I, teach em to say what their name is, how old they are, a bit of counting, a couple of songs?

In groups of five, 7&8 years olds are kinda scary. And intense.

and BOY do they have the power of sidetracking….

I think i signed up to go back, but i could be wrong . . . .

‘Tis the 12th day of Xmas

And i have to put my beeeeyooooootiful tree away.
Ok, so the tree isnt *quite* as beeeeeyooooootiful as the terribly expensive one that i wanted which was alll mirrors and jewels and silverness. But its still my first very own xmas tree.
So this afternoon i must endevour to unlace the lights from it, and get the tree back in the box it came in.
I dont hold out much hope.

Monday night /tuesday morning /vafternoon / this week sometime niece/newphew numero erm. noin is expected. neuf. kyuu.
fenella tululah mcvitie the second is on his / her way.

I have volunteered ( and bearing in mind that i dont DO alcohol ) to watch the other 6 mini-hellions during the erm. production period. am i insane? Yes proberbly.