pi pi pi pi pi ( raspberry )

ARGH In other words, for those who knew me as a young child in the run up to christmas …. I’m about to lie on the floor and wail “BUT I CAN’T WAIT” Of course, it always turned out that yes, yes I could wait. And if i was daft enough to do the above in front of my mum, then I’d be waiting in my bedroom, not allowed out to play. I registered my interest in a raspberry_pi many score years ago. In a galaxy far, far away. From whence I received the occasional taunting email which advised that RS Online didnt have any. But they would sooon.  Eventually, these emails said that RS Online DID have some. And I couldn’t order one yet. Is that mean, or what? Then, on 30th May, I got the “Well, now you CAN order one”. So I did. Probably within miliseconds of the … Continue reading